Cineville Pass

With Cineville, you can see as many great films as you like in three independent cinemas in Brussels, and soon others. You can check out new releases as well as selected previews, classics, specials and film festivals.

How it works

A personal Cineville membership offers unlimited cinema visits from € 18,– per month (< 26 years) and €21,- per month in three locations in Brussels: Galeries, Palace, Vendôme (and Kinograph soon). Getting a Cineville ticket is easy. Just show up, pick a film and scan your Pass. Reservations are not possible for members just yet.

Join the club, download your temporary pass and go see a great film near you tonight. Your membership will last for at least four months, after which you can cancel monthly.

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Support the independent cinema

Your Cineville Pass doesn’t only give you your film fix, it also supports filmmakers and independent cinemas. That way, the film industry backs us, and we back the film industry.