About us

In love with film? So are we! We believe cinema unites people, ideas and dreams. The stories of others teach us everything about ourselves. That is why we want to be the number one film club for everyone who wants to see more.

What we do

Cineville makes independent cinema(s) in Brussels more accessible to everyone who loves film. Our all-you-can-watch membership, the Cineville card, makes it easy to see as many films as you want, as often as you like. And by becoming a Cineville member and gorging on stories, you’re also supporting the independent cinema.

How it started

For the love of cinema, a group of Brussels cinemas decided to join forces and launch Cineville: a celebration of creative film that unites and finds strength in numbers but also highlights the things that make each cinema unique. You won’t find algorithms, chatbots or uninspired programming in Cineville. Instead, you’ll get one-of-a-kind historical locations, inspired film choices and a lot of attention to detail. No cinema visit is the same. Welcome to the club!

Cineville in The Netherlands

Cineville Brussels was inspired by the Dutch Cineville, which was created in 2009. They wanted to claim back the market share lost to multiplex chains and came up with an unlimited film membership and online platform, marketed towards adventurous film fans. Today, Cineville NL is the biggest film community in The Netherlands. Over 70.000 Cineville members can visit over 55 Dutch cinemas throughout the country, amounting to more than 1.5 admissions yearly.

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