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Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions and Application

1.1. In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

    Subscriber: the natural person who has entered into an agreement with Cineville, as referred to under Subscription; Subscription: the written agreement between BACP and the Subscriber that grants the Subscriber the right to unlimited visits to Film Screenings offered by the Cinemas during the term of the agreement, subject to the conditions described below; BACP: the SC Belgian Arthouse Cinema Pass, with its registered office in Brussels; Cinema: a cinema affiliated with BACP; Subscription Fee: the costs for the Subscription, which costs are due from the Subscriber; Cineville Pass: a physical pass provided by BACP to the Subscriber, which serves as proof of the Subscription; Film Screening: any regular film screening at a Cinema. This expressly excludes private screenings, film marathons, 3D screenings, and certain festivals and other events; Customer Service: the customer service of BACP, reachable by email at; Surcharge: costs not included in the Film Screening, such as - but not limited to - surcharges for 3D screenings, 3D glasses, D-BOX, Dolby Cinema, XD, and Dolby Atmos. These Surcharges are listed on the description of each Screening and are to be paid at the Cinemas.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Subscription and apply to and form part of the relationship between BACP and the Subscriber. The Subscriber therefore acknowledges that by entering into a Subscription, these Terms and Conditions are accepted without reservation.

1.3. BACP reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. Minor changes to the Terms and Conditions are accepted by the Subscriber without further action. The Subscriber is free to not accept these amended terms. The Subscriber is also free to indicate in writing the desire to terminate the agreement. In that case, the agreement will terminate automatically at the time the amended terms come into effect, provided that the cancellation request has been received by Customer Service before this date. In the absence of a cancellation request before the new Terms and Conditions come into effect, the Subscriber is deemed to have accepted the new Terms and Conditions.

1.4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared void, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 2. Content and Use of the Pass

2.1. The Subscription is personal and non-transferable. The Subscriber must have their Pass with them when going to the cinema and present it upon request of the staff at the ticket office. Upon the first request of the cinema staff, the Subscriber must be able to prove their identity by showing their identity card or another valid and readable form of identification.

2.2. BACP provides the Subscriber with a physical Pass containing the name of the Subscriber, the start date of the Subscription, and a passport photo. These details must be provided by the Subscriber to BACP during the (online) ordering process. The Pass serves as proof of the Subscription.

2.3. The Subscription entitles the Pass holder to access any regular Film Screening at a Cinema, except in cases where no more tickets are available for the Film Screening.

2.4. BACP reserves the right to refuse a Subscription that does not contain the required mandatory information and documents or that contains a passport photo by which the applicant cannot be identified. BACP also reserves the right to refuse an application from a person whose previous Subscription has been terminated due to a violation of the Terms and Conditions, especially due to fraud or non-payment. BACP also reserves the right to refuse an application from a Subscriber who has exercised their right of withdrawal at least twice in the past twelve months.

2.5. The Subscriber must obtain an admission ticket for each Film Screening by presenting the Pass at the Cinema where the Film Screening takes place. The obtained admission ticket is only valid in combination with the Pass.

2.6. Upon presentation of the Pass, the Subscriber is entitled to one admission ticket per Film Screening.

2.7. The admission ticket can be obtained at the ticket office of the Cinema where the Film Screening takes place, up to one and a half hours (90 minutes) before the start of the Film Screening.

2.8. An admission ticket for a subsequent Film Screening can only be obtained half an hour (30 minutes) after the start of the Film Screening for which an admission ticket has already been obtained.

Article 3. Duration and Termination

3.1. The minimum period for entering into a Subscription is four full calendar months. The Subscription can be terminated at BACP after the expiry of the period of four full calendar months, with one month's notice, provided that the Subscription ends on the last day of the following calendar month.

3.2. In accordance with Articles VI.47 and following of the Economic Law Code, the Subscriber has a period of 14 days from the date of registration to exercise the right of withdrawal without giving reasons or paying a penalty, provided that the Subscription has not been used. After this period, or if the Subscription has been used, the Subscriber cannot exercise this right and can only terminate the Subscription in accordance with the provisions of point 3.3 below and after the expiry of the initial period as mentioned in article 3.1 above.

3.3. Termination shall be done by emailing to A valid termination shall contain at least the name under which the Pass holder is known to BACP.

3.4. BACP also reserves the right to terminate a Subscription immediately if the Subscriber does not comply with the Terms and Conditions. In particular, the following cases constitute grounds for termination of the Subscription:

    Donating or reselling tickets obtained with the Pass; Requesting a refund for a seat or e-ticket booked with the Pass; Lending or giving away the Pass, which is strictly personal; Not paying Subscription Fees when due, in whole or in part, with the understanding that the Subscriber remains liable for all Subscription Fees due on the effective termination date, notwithstanding the termination; Fraud in the compilation of the Subscription file (in particular false declaration of mandatory data, forgery of attachments, etc.); Fraud in the use of the Pass, directly or through an intermediary; Aggressive behavior towards customers or staff of the Cinemas; Disrupting the course of Film Screenings in the Cinemas in any way (e.g., noise, use of mobile phones, changing Cinemas during a session, etc.); Non-compliance with the safety rules of the Cinema (e.g., smoking ban); Violence, theft, or intentional damage in Cinemas; Indecent behavior or behavior contrary to good morals.

The Subscriber's Pass will be blocked by BACP in this case.

3.5. If BACP has terminated the Subscription under paragraph 4 of this article and the minimum subscription period of four full calendar months has not yet elapsed, the Subscriber is required to pay the Subscription Fee for the remaining minimum subscription period. The Subscriber is not entitled to a refund of any Subscription Fees already paid.

3.6. If BACP has terminated a Subscription under paragraph 4 of this article, BACP reserves the right to refuse to enter into a subsequent Subscription with that individual.

3.7. If a Subscription has been terminated by the Subscriber and the former Subscriber wishes to take out a new Subscription within one year after the termination of the Subscription, it is stipulated that the Subscription is entered into for a minimum of four full calendar months, and the Subscriber must pay a one-time administrative fee of €25 to BACP in addition to the monthly subscription price.

3.8. In case of definitive interruption of the Subscription formulas of any kind, the following conditions apply:

    BACP informs the Subscriber of the definitive termination of the Subscription, In case of payment of the Subscription by direct debit, the direct debit of the Subscription Fee is terminated from the date on which the Subscription is interrupted. If the Subscription has been paid in full at once, BACP reimburses the Subscriber pro rata temporis the amounts overpaid from the date on which the Subscription is interrupted.
Article 4. Subscription Fee and Payment

4.1. The current amount of the Subscription Fee can be found on the website BACP reserves the right to change the amount of the Subscription Fee. BACP will inform the Subscriber of this one month before the price change takes effect. The Subscriber has the option to not accept the price change. In such a case, the Subscriber has the right to terminate the Subscription on the date the price change is implemented, in accordance with the method as determined in Article 3.4.

4.2. BACP reserves the right to apply different rates for different age categories. For example, BACP offers a reduced rate for people under 26 years old.

4.3. The Subscription Fee is paid monthly by the Subscriber via direct debit, except for the first installment. The first installment must be paid online by the Subscriber. By paying the first installment, the Subscriber activates the automatic monthly direct debit. The bank account used by the Subscriber to pay the first installment will be used by BACP for the direct debit of the subsequent installments of the Subscription Fee.

4.4. The first installment is calculated based on the number of remaining days of the respective month, divided by 30 and multiplied by a month's Subscription Fee. If a Subscription starts after the 20th of the month, the Subscriber also pays for the entire following calendar month.

4.5. By signing or ordering the Subscription online (the agreement), the Subscriber authorizes BACP, or a third party designated by BACP, to collect the Subscription Fee by direct debit.

4.6. Payment of the Subscription Fee at the ticket office of a Cinema is not possible.

4.7. In the case of an order for the Subscription of the Pass, BACP sends the temporary Pass (in PDF format) to the provided email address of the Subscriber after the first installment has been paid.

4.8. BACP reserves the right to deactivate the Pass if the direct debit is returned for any reason. The Pass will be reactivated once the outstanding Subscription Fee is credited to BACP's account. The Subscriber is not entitled to a refund of Subscription Fees for the period the Pass was deactivated. The monthly payment obligations of the Subscriber are not suspended by the deactivation of the Pass. The minimum subscription period of four full calendar months must be paid for the months that expire during the deactivation of the Pass.

4.9. If the Subscriber does not meet the payment obligations under these Terms and Conditions, BACP will transfer the payment claim to a collection agency designated by it. The amounts set out in the statutory scale of extrajudicial collection costs apply to this. The (extrajudicial) costs reasonably incurred by BACP as a result of this non-compliance by the Subscriber shall be borne by the Subscriber.

Article 5. Delivery Time of the Pass

5.1. The Pass will be delivered to the Subscriber's home no later than 2 weeks after the request. Delivery times cannot be considered as strict deadlines. BACP cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery.

5.2. If the Pass is purchased online, a temporary Pass (in PDF format) will be provided to the Subscriber within 24 hours via the provided email address.

Article 6. Loss, Damage, or Theft

6.1. In case of loss, damage, or theft of the Pass, the Subscriber shall report it to Customer Service as soon as possible.

6.2. After reporting, as determined in the first paragraph of this article, a new Pass may be sent to the Subscriber by BACP. In case of damage, the damaged Pass must be sent to BACP or returned to the ticket office.

6.3. If no damaged Pass is returned, a replacement Pass will cost the Subscriber €10. BACP is entitled to collect this amount by direct debit from the Subscriber's account.

6.4. The Subscriber is not entitled to a refund of the Subscription Fee for the period during which the Pass cannot be used due to loss, damage, or theft.

Article 7. Customer Data

7.1. The Subscriber shall promptly inform BACP of any changes in the Subscriber's data, such as changes in the name, address, email address, or bank account number of the Subscriber.

7.2. BACP is never liable for incorrectly filled-in data by the Subscriber. Any damage - in any form whatsoever - suffered by the Subscriber due to incorrectly filled-in data cannot be claimed from BACP. The risk of the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the Subscriber is entirely borne by the Subscriber.

7.3. BACP places great importance on the protection of personal data. BACP processes the collected personal data in accordance with relevant legal obligations, including the European Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and the Law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data. Consequently, BACP complies with the principles of transparency, respect for freedom of choice, the right to access, transfer, and lawful processing of personal data.

This data protection statement applies only to BACP and not to third parties.

7.4. When ordering a Subscription or using the Pass, BACP requests the Subscriber to provide personal data, which may include:

    Identification and contact information: last name, first name, address, place of residence; email address, telephone number, date of birth, age, gender, etc; Financial data: bank account number, name of the account holder, etc; Connection data related to a user account: (user)name, email address, password, security question and answer, IP address, connection times, etc; Information related to ordered sessions, areas of interest, preferences provided through our website, etc; Complaints, comments, suggestions, sent emails; Other data and content exchanged, communicated, and shared by the user via the website.

The collected information is used for identifying Subscribers, processing Subscriptions, for statistical purposes, and, more generally, for managing customer relationships.

7.5. The personal data of the user is considered confidential and treated as such, and is only stored and processed within the framework of the relationship between BACP and the Subscriber. Personal data is processed by BACP for the following purposes:

    Concluding and executing the Subscription, such as ordering tickets for Film Screenings, as well as invoicing, follow-up, and collection of these invoices; Improving and optimizing the service, as well as optimizing BACP's general, commercial, and marketing strategies; Sending occasional newsletters, invoices, notifications of new content, confirmation messages, invitations, and newsletters related to the activities of Cineville; Other specific purposes for which separate consent may be requested.

7.6. The personal data of the user is never sold or transferred to third parties without prior consent from the user.

7.7. Users have the right at all times to access their personal data, request rectification, limit the use of their personal data, update their personal data, and request deletion of their personal data by sending a request to

7.8. BACP does not retain the data longer than necessary for its processing; in case of non-use, the data will be deleted after three years.

7.9. BACP is aware of the importance of treating confidentiality and protecting information that the user provides on the internet. Data security on the internet is of the highest priority for BACP. BACP strives to constantly update its technology to ensure the confidential treatment of the information that the Subscriber transmits.

Article 8. Customer Service

For questions or complaints regarding these Terms and Conditions or the use of the Subscription, payments, loss, damage, and/or theft of the Pass, canceling a Subscription, and/or changing customer data, one can contact the customer service of BACP. They can be reached via

Article 9. Engaging Third Parties

Cineville has the right to engage third parties in the execution of the Subscription.

Article 10. Complaints

A complaint about a visit to a Cinema must be directed to the relevant Cinema. For questions regarding the Pass, the Subscriber can find numerous answers on the website or contact Customer Service.

Article 11. Applicable Law and Choice of Forum

The legal relationship between Cineville and the Subscriber and all resulting obligations and/or relations are governed by Belgian law. Disputes between the parties shall be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Brussels.

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