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How does the payment work?

Purchase the Cineville Pass

When you purchase the Cineville Pass, you pay the first installment in advance. You pay online via Bancontact, iDeal or credit card.

Automatic Direct Debit

After paying the first installment you will receive a temporary Cineville Pass by email, which you can use to go to the movies right away. Within two weeks you will receive your definitive Cineville Pass. After the first month, payment is by direct debit.

Did something go wrong?

If the payment cannot be debited from your account, you will receive a reminder e-mail with instructions and a payment link to still make the payment. This first reminder will warn you of an administration fee. If we still do not receive payment, you will receive a second reminder that will include this administration fee and your Cineville Pass will automatically be deactivated, but your membership will remain active. Thus, you will continue to pay while your Cineville Pass is blocked. On the third payment reminder, an administration fee will also be charged again. Always try to pay your invoice as soon as possible via the payment link in the reminder e-mail. Once payment has been received, we will reactivate your Pass as soon as possible (in any case within three working days). If an invoice remains unpaid for 60 days, your membership will be blocked in its entirety and can only be reactivated by us if the invoices have been paid.

Still no answer to your question?

You can also send an email to We usually respond within a few hours.

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