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How does the Cineville Pass work?

With the Cineville Pass, you can see unlimited movies at 13 cinemas in Brussels and Wallonia for €18 (up to 26 years old) or €21 (from 26 years old) per month.


You order your Cineville Pass at and pay directly for the first period. After that, payments are made via monthly direct debits. Your membership is always valid indefinitely with a minimum of four full calendar months. You will receive a temporary Pass immediately after your order to use until your real physical Pass arrives.

Going to the movies? Your Pass has got to be scanned first!

Our movie schedule shows you what films are showing in Cineville cinemas. You can filter by city or your favorite cinema(s) to see whether or not certain screenings are showing. When you go to the movies, always have your Cineville Pass scanned at the cinema before your visit, in exchange for a valid ticket. This is necessary so that Cineville can properly remunerate cinemas and authors.

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